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50 yerars of durability
Thermoplastic polymer coatings
No disadvantages of existing coatings
50 yerars of durability
Thermoplastic polymer coatings
Exlusive appearence
50 yerars of durability
Thermoplastic polymer coatings
Innovative trendy pool coverings
25 Years Experience

For over 25 years we have been offering only the best products and services.

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With our products, we can help you build a pool today for tomorrow.

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Trusted by the largest organisations, our service level is second to none!

About technology

is a revolutionary technology for creating thermoplastic coatings utilizing the flame spray method of applying polymer compositions.🔥🔥 Our technology makes it possible to create adjustable in thickness and protective (anti-osmotic and anti-corrosive) coatings on most materials that are used in modern construction and architecture, such as concrete, brick, glass, metal, fiberglass, wood, and many others.

POLYMERFLAME thermoplastic polymer coatings are ecologically safe, durable, designed for operation in different climatic conditions, and have excellent resistance to environmental factors such as UV light, biological and chemical activity, salt fog, etc.
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With 25 years of pool experience
Why Choose Us?

50 years of durability (according to the Swedish Corrosion Institute research)


fast and absolute maintainability due to the property of thermoplasticity


no change in color and gloss of the coating under the influence of ultraviolet radiation


high resistance to chemically and biologically aggressive substances


NSF61 and FDA certified (contact with drinking water and food)


coatings possess high elasticity (up to 700%) and excellent frictional properties

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We provide a high-value service at a reasonable price and live up to our business commitments, by going beyond our customers' expectations.

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We believe in long-term commitments. Pool Service fosters long-term relationships with our customers and invests in our people to provide overall customer satisfaction.

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With our products, we can help you build a pool
With our products, we can help you build a pool
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With our products, we can help you build a pool
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With our products, we can help you build a pool
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    I'm a single mother with no knowledge of how to keep my swimming pool clean and safe for my children. Thanks to your company — I don't have to worry about that. They take care of everything...

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    Friendly, reliable and thorough weekly service. A big change from my previous pool cleaning company. The service was performed as expected in a courteous, professional manner.

    — Julie Morgan, Hospital Nurse
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